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What's in my hospital bag?

So my due date is approaching, and pretty fast to be exact. With this being my 3rd baby, I know there is a chance that things could escalate fast once labor begins. In the mean time, I'm trying to be as prepared as possible, so packing my labor and delivery bag is a great start.

Below I am going to list the things that I've learned that are definitely needed during your hospital stay. Then, I am going to list those things that I found were completely unnecessary.


  • nursing bras

  • underwear

  • change of clothes for discharge

  • robe

  • comfy lounge wear

  • slippers and shower shoes

  • toiletries

  • pillow

  • comfy blanket

  • birth plan

  • insurance information

As you can see I did not list sanitary pads, and all the essentials needed for postpartum healing. These are things the hospital will provide, and if you want to take them home, you can. Understand your insurance is being billed for EVERYTHING. I've worked in hospitals for over 10yrs and understand, once that stuff goes in the room, and the patient leaves, its trash.

Dad/support person:

  • change of clothes

  • phone chargers & camera with chargers


  • outfit to wear home

  • blanket

  • pacifier (hospitals no longer provide them)

  • car seat

  • extra outfit for pictures

I did not list diapers or wipes because the hospital has them as well. I do recommend packing legit 2-3 just for your diaper bag but if you don't, take what is left at discharge.

A few other miscellaneous things that I also plan to bring with me are essential oils and a diffuser, a water bottle, laptop or iPad, and snacks/food for before and after labor. This time around I plan to be a little more in "control" and proactive, so that I know the only time I would really need to call my nurse is for meds. Hahaaa! No, but seriously this time around I told my husband that I planned on setting a more relaxed vibe in the delivery room, try to keep things as calm as possible, and to try and make sure that him and I get to experience each stage of labor together.


Any things that you found you needed during your hospital stay that I didn't list? Comment below, so I can be sure to add those things to my bag as well!

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