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Self Care is the best care.

Updated: 6 days ago

One thing for sure, two things for certain we celebrate moms everyday here! I'm tooting all the mom horns because we definitely does the thing! But on a honest note, really sit back and think about how many times as moms, do we really take care of ourselves. Being a mom of 3 and working from home, I find it extremely hard to get time to myself outside of the house - so I had to get creative and open minded about ultimately getting alone time.

Put the kids down for bed earlier than you. Allow yourself some alone time before bed. Take the time to decompress and let go of the stressors of the day.

Get up earlier than everyone in the morning. Brew some coffee, check your emails, sit in complete silence - your choice. Just take the time to prepare yourself for what your day has to offer.

Create a spa like shower or bath. Now I know that time is limited, or the kids may follow you to the bathroom but honestly, be strategic with your free time. Be intentional. So if you need to plan this shower or bath time, PLAN IT! Prep everything so that once the kids are lets say napping, you can relax.

Buy yourself a gift. Whether it's something big or small, treat yourself. Im sure on a daily you dismiss the things you may want or need, for what your children may want or need. Be selfish at sometimes, and think about you!

Stay connected with friends. Talking to those people that get you is a relief in itself. Whether it's to vent or just to take your mind off of those things that are causing you stress, connecting and talking with friends may allow you to feel like you are getting that adult time.

Go for a walk. Something so simple can legit change the tone of your day.

Watch your favorite show or movie. We all have that one show or movie that makes us feel good. You know the one that is top on the list, our go to. Ditch the chores, snuggle on the couch with your favorite snack and the remote.

Get dressed and put on nice clothes. When you look good, you feel good. Who cares if you have nowhere to go, or in my instance, no one will see it. Do it for you and your well being.

Enjoy a meal, ALONE! Whether this is the time you wake up earlier to have breakfast alone, or you schedule a quick lunch date by yourself, do it. Im sure you would love to enjoy a meal while its hot.

Adopt a skin care routine. You may already have one, but never quite have the time to do it. If you. know better, you'll glow better! Girl, take care of you!

Those are just a few super easy ways I am able to squeeze in some me time. The ultimate goal of self care is to relieve stress, help feel more grounded and balanced when it comes to the day to day task, and taking care of oneself can allow the ability to handle whatever due to feeling more at ease and calm. Me personally, finding the time to take care of myself is extremely hard, but extremely important. Not only for myself and my mental health, but for my children and their well being, and also for my husband and our relationship. If you are like me, 10 out of 10 your children are with you. But that's why I said, getting creative on making sure I get my time is highly important. Making sure I am grateful for 10mins of silence and solitude is a win in my book.

Do you have any other tips and tricks on squeezing in some self care? Comment below your ways!

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