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From room to room with ease.

My ultimate goal when starting this blog was to find ways, products and gadgets that made parenting easier for my readers. I can't be the only one who find moving from the bedroom to the main living space a hassle when you have not only a baby, but all the necessities need. For an example: diapers, wipes, changing pad, ointment, teething toys, etc.

Received this diaper caddy as a gift, and realized it was perfect for holding all 9,000 daily essentials Nur needs. It's a felt material, with an insert that adds compartments for better organization.

Here is a list of things I use through the day:

  • diapers and wipes (of course)

  • changing pad

  • ointment

  • teething toys (the teething beads are our fav)

  • moisturizer

Not only is this caddy good for his things, but I make sure I store a few of my essentials in it as well (my charger, phone, chapstick, snacks..). You know, stuff like that!

Below I've added the links to my favorite things that just so happen to be "diaper caddy essentials":

Parker Baby Diaper Caddy (regular size)

Teething beads

Portable changing pad

Coconut oil (good as a moisturizer, for hair and diaper rashes)

Any other items you use daily for your babe? Please share your favorite diaper changing essentials and other necessities needed to get you through the day.


These are affiliate links, which mean I will earn commission off of each purchase made through this post.

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