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Breastfeeding Essentials 2.0

If you've been here with me from the beginning, you know I am an advocate for breast-feeding. This is my second time documenting my journey, and since having another baby, I've added some things I feel are great to use while breast-feeding.

This is proof that each baby is different because a lot of the things I used for my 2 year old, does not work for the baby. I linked my favorite items and the ones that I am currently using, this way you can add it straight to cart and check out. This is really a list of things that I believe you may need, so brand and type is really your preference and other items may help work as well.

  • Spectra S1 or Spectra S2 breast pump: MY ULTIMATE FAVORITE. This pump gets the job done. Hospital grade pumps not only help get the most milk while pumping, but also helps increase milk supply. The only difference between the two, is the S2 has the capability to be charged so you don't have to be stationed to one spot.

  • Phanphy S12 wearable breast pump: great hands-free option. Has multiple settings, including a massage setting and has a good suction. Touch screen and fairly quiet.

  • Kindred Bravely Hands-free pumping and nursing bra: legit 2-in-1 bra. No need to switch bras when it's time to pump. This is the bra I wear to work, to make my pumping sessions easy.

  • Breastmilk storage bags: my favorite bags are by Lansinoh. They are very sturdy. Majority of all the main retailers sell them, so they are easy to get. Honestly, storage bags are really personal preference.

  • Bottles: due to my baby having a tongue-tie, I found it hard to find a bottle that was comfortable for him to latch. I use Dr. Browns Anti-Colic bottles.

  • Muslin burp cloths: hands down THE BEST! Between the burp clothes and the blankets, muslin is a must in my opinion. Mom Tip: the muslin blankets can be used as a swaddle, nursing cover, and a lightweight blanket.

  • Water bottle: we can't produce milk if we aren't staying hydrated. Just that simple. You'll notice that when you pump or nurse, you feel thirsty instantly! Lol

  • Nipple balm: helps make the latch less painful & keeps nips moisturized. Plus it's safe for baby.

  • Nursing pads: an absolute must!I use both the disposable and the reusable ones. It's really based on preference.

These are legit the items I use on a daily. For the most part, I give baby a bottle because of his tongue-tie, but throughout the night I latch him to the breast. Understand my journey will not look like yours and vice versa. That's the beauty in all of this. We can come back here, give our tips and tricks, and help console one another when we are having a hard time. Because we all have hard times!

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