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Breastfeeding: back to the basics.

First, let me start off by saying I am in no way a lactation consultant, pediatrician, or any other clinical healthcare professional. These are just a few tips that I've researched and also have experienced myself, alongside other moms who can surely attest to them.

Every breastfeeding journey is not the same.

There couldn't be any other way to say it. Nursing successes and fails vary from mom to mom, and child to child. My journey is not your journey, and your oldest child's journey is not your youngest child's journey. Some babies just adapt and make the nursing process easy and enjoyable. Then there are some babies who simply don't like it, and that's fine. COMPLETELY FINE! Do not ever allow anyone to make you feel bad about your breastfeeding journey or even pressure you into to something you simply know you are not interested in.

Nutrition is important.

You are what you eat, and so is your milk. The more you stay hydrated the more you may produce. Breast milk is 88% water, so hydration is key. Not only for your milk supply, but for your body as well. Nursing definitely dehydrates you, so drinking enough water is very important. Just remember to slow down on the caffeine. This is known to cause dehydration which in turn leads to a decrease in milk production.

The foods you eat can either assist you in your journey, or slow things up. There are foods out there that really help with increased milk supply, along with fueling your body for all the super demanding roles it has to play day in and day out.

Your body learns what your baby needs.

When you allow your baby to latch, it learns what your baby needs through their saliva. So if your baby is sick, your body will produce those necessary antibodies needed to help baby's body fight off that infection or virus. And even to the point that if we are sick, our body includes those antibodies that help protect baby. Liquid gold is really an understatement!

Your milk supply increases as baby grows

As your baby grows, and your body learns their pattern, the amount of milk you produce should grow as well. Whether you latch the baby or pump on a regular schedule, your body will signal more milk. Along with a good diet, staying away from stress and anxiety, your body will most definitely do what it was made to do.


I hope these tips help you understand you personal journey with breastfeeding. As always, I suggest reaching out to a lactation consultant for more in depth information, tips and education on breast feeding ins and outs.

If you would like a few tools that I found very helpful in my breastfeeding journey, read my post Breastfeeding Essentials.

Comment your favorite tip from this pots, or please share something I may have missed that you've learned during your journey.

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