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Big brother duties!

Updated: Jan 27, 2021

The biggest fear of mine when I found out I was pregnant, was whether Esa would be accepting of another sibling or if he would completely resent the whole idea. Whewww! That was a close one because Esa absolutely adores Nur.

He’s so helpful, it blows my mind. Esa knows Nur’s schedule, what his cries and noises indicate, and the icing on the cake; how to ”chill him down” in his own words. My showers probably wouldn't be the same without him, car rides home has gotten real intense but I push through when Esa is in the backseat holding it down. Its just the little things.

Motherhood and parenting is about accepting and celebrating the small victories. So when my 6 year old old is relaxed and calm enough to keep my 5 month old occupied while I take a 10 min shower, or while I drink a full cup a coffee without having to reheat is 700 times; best believe I'm doing a heck of a lot of celebrating!

How was your older child when you told them you were pregnant? & what small victories have you noticed you've celebrated more since adding a new edition to your family? You know, the things you used to take for granted before.

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